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City or Township Santa Cruz, CA
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  • Carol Kelley

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    • Carol Kelley
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    •  (831) 297-3342
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    Pleasure Point Office
    1041 41st Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062
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Carol is passionate about real estate. She has been selling real estate as a licensed Realtor for over 16 years in the Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz County areas. She fell in love with Santa Cruz and moved to the charming Seabright neighborhood 14 years ago. Carol appreciates working with a variety of clients, whether first time home buyers, experienced buyers and sellers, or investors. She holds a special place in her heart for country and horse properties and specializes in selling these types of homes. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, drawing, painting, and most notably horseback riding. Carol is the proud owner of a 7 year- old paint mare named Pepper and is currently working on her certification to become a member of Santa Cruz County Sheriff&#8217;s Mounted Search and Rescue. Carol chose David Lyng Real because she wanted to be connected with a company that is integrity driven and focuses on providing exceptional service their clients.<br />